/ˈnākid/ (adj.): raw, true, unembellished, natural
/ɡrit/ (noun): resolve, courage, determination, texture

Welcome to Naked Grit. We’re so happy you’re here.

We’re a husband and wife team of Colorado teachers who founded Naked Grit to cultivate something greater than ourselves. All of us depend on the natural world for everything we see, do, and touch, and believe it should be appreciated.

Modern commerce often disconnects us from our true, organic roots. That’s why we strive to deliver truly original, high-quality art and apparel that were inspired by, and call attention to, an appreciation for all things natural.

Our efforts began with connection, connecting our talents, dreams, and inspiration, both with each other and to that which is greater than us. Though Meagan teaches Science, she was raised in an art studio by an award-winning art teacher. Justen is a public middle school teacher too, though computers are his specialty. We aspire to combine this yin and yang of skill-sets, fueled by a common love for nature and adventure, to grow Naked Grit into a force for the common good.

That’s why we support environmental and educational initiatives that uplift those in need, encourage a greater sense of community, promote clean water and reforestation efforts, and help create a cleaner and more sustainable world for us all.

Thank you for visiting.

Meagan and Justen - The founders of Naked Grit

Meagan and Justen's hand-written names